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Frustrated with being consistently overlooked for jobs? Elevate your first impression without breaking the bank with our AI career tools.
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How it works
We have a couple of different AI tools that we've trained - simply upload your resume, and receive an email of the output. Choose between our different tools to improve your job search chances.
2 credits
Get resume feedback
Personalised resume feedback - 5 ways to improve, sent to your inbox.
get feedback
3 credits
Write my cover letter
Get a cover letter written for every job you're applying for.
cover letter, done
Coming Soon
Create my resume
We ask 5 questions about you and help you generate a resume.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Practice Interviews
We'll ask 5 interview questions and provide feedback on your answers
Coming soon

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You can't seem to get interviews or job offers


You're not sure what's wrong with your resume


You want to improve your chances of getting hired


You want to get quick feedback on your resume...


But you don't really know who to ask


And you don't want to pay an Editor a couple hundred bucks

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