For a long time, our people were shunning financial advisors like they were the plague. Why is getting quality, solicited financial advice so difficult? Why do people hate financial advisors so much?

We realized that we were the problem. We were too pushy, too shady, too greedy. SAV preserves all the good and pares back on all the bad. We’ve heard you for a long time. Now it’s time to give you back the control you deserve.

The Birth of SAV

SAV was born out of a frustration of the status quo. The frustration that, in the world where our interests compete with their pockets, we don't know if we can trust financial advisors with our financial future.

In the personal finance world, we live in a system where the power is wrongly put in the hands of financial advisors who do not have their skin in the game, and the consumers are left feeling like they've taken on a gamble.We remember the couple who reached out to us to do an investment plan, and upon a review of their financial portfolio, we realised that their existing financial advisor had recommended an insurance plan that was outside their comfort zones by concealing a vital piece of information about insurance costs. They sat quietly in disbelief because they had each paid thousands of dollars for the plan, through the money they had painstakingly earned dollar by dollar through their sheer hard work.

Does the world of personal finance and financial advisory really have to be like this? We don't think so.

It is time to break the status quo.

The slow-turning ship that is the financial advisory industry needs to change now. Financial planning and personal finance should be fun and worry-free. It should be about finding out your financial goals in life and figuring out what it takes to get there. It should get you excited and pumped up to make all the smart money decisions.

And that's exactly what we're here to do. In a world that makes spending money excessively glamorous, we want to make structured financial planning for financial goals become the new cool. Building up your net worth will be the new black.

It is all about helping you make smart money decisions, on your own terms.

So we're changing how the game is played for you in the personal finance world. This time, we're tipping the balance all to your favour. And that's our promise to you. Power to the People.

Our Founder

Joey Lim

CSO, founder

Christopher Tan

CEO, Co-Founder

Join The Team

We are always on the lookout for more Money Experts to join our team. If you are, like us, disillusioned by the current state of financial advisory and would love to give more to your clients, we have a place for you.

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