sav is changing the way young people approach personal finance in their #adulting journey, starting with insurance.

We give you easy and painless access to the insurance plans you want and need, personalised recommendations, comprehensive support and the in-depth information you need to experience this time for what it truly is: the best years of your life.
Letter from the Founders
Life and health insurance is too boring for anyone to want to read up on. BUT... it's also hard to find someone you can trust to help because of the opacity of information and conflict of interest.

So we created lots of easily digestible content about insurance (+ personal finance), and used tech to transform the tedious traditional process into an algorithm that helps you figure out what life and health insurance plans to buy within 5 minutes. These become the personalised suggestions you get.

We believe in being honest and radically transparent with everything we do, and that a world where both customers and the insurance industry thrive together is possible.

Welcome to the future of life and health insurance, where it's still boring, but no longer time-consuming and confusing.

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We choose companies we think will help our members get to their goals faster and easier, as they grow and go through the different milestones in life with us. We only partner with companies who have values that align with us and benefits that are best for our members.
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