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women are influential...

According to Morgan Stanley’s research report: Rise of the SHEconomy (2019)

Women are the principal shopper in 72% of the households
It is estimated that they will control 2/3 of all consumer wealth by 2030
When women shop, they are often purchasing for other household members in addition to themselves. The position of principal shopper also likely gives women more control over how household money is spent. Even holding sector shares of household budgets constant, the household’s principal shopper is largely responsible for choosing which products and brands to buy, where to prioritize cost versus quality, and more.
- Rise of the SHEconomy (2019)
but ignored...
Women have and still are under-represented in the personal finance space. And most women simply do not resonate with most of the personal finance brands and influencers in Singapore as their values clash. Some common values:
A focus on long-term goals: Women may be more likely to prioritize long-term financial goals, such as saving for retirement or buying a home, over short-term purchases or investments
A desire for financial security[1]: Women may place a higher value on financial security than men, and may be more risk-averse when it comes to investing.
A need for education and guidance[3]: Women may be more likely than men to seek out education and guidance when it comes to financial planning and investing.

That's where we come in.

Introducing sav, a personal finance brand helping women in Singapore navigate money and adulting.

Since starting Instagram 3 years ago, we have...

Grown to have over 24,000 followers
Struck a cord with women, who represent 70.5% of our audience
Speak the lingo of Millennials and Gen Z with 88% of our audience under the age of 35
Built a real trust with them as shown by having over 5% of our audience having messaged us for personal advice
Our workshop experience to date
Ran 7 online workshops
Ran a larger series of workshops* in Jan 2023
*3 over 3 days
Had 1160 people sign up
Rated 8.2, 8.5, 8.8 respectively

Here's what they said:

"Everything is so clear and straightforward!! So much easier to digest than what FA's try to explain to me haha"
- Grace
"Thanks for keeping it interactive & interesting! saw a lot of interesting Qns, too bad no time to answer them all!"
- R
"I enjoyed this session the most actually, perfect pace and relevant info given! Would love if there are more of such similar workshops to attend 😊 "
- C

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